Sunday, 18 December 2011

A month's view

A long gap since I posted anything mainly because college, placements, TV shows kept me busy. Anyways so what all did happen in this past month, let's recollect over the top of our heads:

1. The Government showed interest in opening the retail sector to foreign Retailers, opened it (100% in single brands and 51% in multi brand). A lot of hue and cry from the opposition side as well as from its allies. Shut it (multi-brand) and puts on hold. Bravo!!! Just imagine the kind of image India is posing to the world. Unprofessional. 
2. Kapil Sibal talking about 'monitoring' the social media and puts a garb around his argument by stating that they  might hurt our religious sentiments.Great!!! When will this man stop using his brains?? I mean please ask him to go through our Fundamental Rights to the page where Right to Speech is mentioned.

Stating straight from Mint : "Irony is seldom so choice. A Union minister of the “world’s largest democracy”—India’s self-promoted political brand—tries to control a medium that in the past year has proved an extraordinary tool for advancing democracy in other parts of the world."

3. Iphone 4S reporting poor turnout in India. Reason : PRICE.

4. Sehwag's recent stint, applauded by all.

5.The Amri Case.

6.Oh!! and I almost forgot...Happy 100th Birthday Delhi... Jeetey Raho!!!

etc,etc....I may have missed some, but these are the ones I could think of now. Hope all had a great month..


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